In today’s world of competitive job search, study shows that the average time a recruiter at a résumé is seconds!

Now, that can only mean one thing: You have less than 10 seconds to create an impression. Hence, it is a case of “stand out or die out.” Make each second count. Literally!

So, in the spirit of saying a lot in little time, here are 5 quick ways to make your résumé impress the recruiter in less than 10 secs:

1. Go Straight to the Point. Recruiters are busy people, and of course, they should be. Listen, you are in the job search race with hundreds of others as intelligent and smart as you. There isn’t a need to be fanciful or saying more than necessary. Your résumé should show your experience and expertise in a definite and concise manner.

2. Focus on Showing Your Professional Achievements Instead of your Personal Wins. These days, a lot of careers and job-search advice saturate the web with quite a few of them saying your résumé should be personalised and tell your story. Well…These aren’t exactly good ideas! You can save personal achievements for when you are invited for an interview.

3. Get the Services of a Professional Résumé Writer. Yes. I just said that! Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Most of these professionals almost always write targeting what the recruiter has in mind which gives you the edge you need to stand out. Of course, career sites like can help you with that at an affordable fee.

My caveat. Can I tell you about my experience? When I needed to write a CV in 2016 after I completed my PhD, I engaged a CV writing firm here in the UK and paid nearly £160 (some even charge as much as £250) because I lacked the top skills to write one that time. Do you know what I got? Their final work came back with untrue skills inserted in the name of ‘boasting for me’ according to the staff; skills and phrases that didn’t represent my experience. They filled the ‘CV’ with untrue statements that I never supplied! It was a lacklustre work indeed. So, be careful with CV writers! Lol! That’s one of the reasons we founded My CV Writers to support people with high-quality work who want a truly professional CV or résumé to be rewritten when they need one that would bring guaranteed results.

Nevertheless, it is not wrong to write your résumé or CV by yourself if you have the requisite professional skills to do so. And endeavour to have a professional review it as well.

4. Say More with Less. When it comes to résumé writing, just like in most important endeavours, it is quality over quantity. Give out only needed information that will help your job hunt cause and avoid writing horrible CVs.

5. Avoid Cliché Descriptions. When you describe yourself with some generic, everyday words, you are simply joining a bandwagon. Nothing unique or special. No recruiter takes note of your résumé for having words like “focused, organized, hardworking, can work under pressure….” Instead, use power words such as these to construct your bullet points to show achievements and impact.