My previous posts on CV have dealt with what should (and should not) be in your CV. I will now draw your attention to one core aspect of your CV, and it may surprise a lot of you that it is not your skills and experience section. It is…your Achievements!

On no account should the term, “Achievements” be missing in your CV if you desire to land that job faster. The mistake a lot of job seekers make is to put responsibilities instead. This is 2019 friend! Not many employers are interested in the tasks you’ve carried out in the past. Even if they do care, lots of other applicants have equally carried out responsibilities in the past. That makes you all the same. In fact, responsibilities are generic and are nowadays even gotten from the internet. Achievements, on the other hand, are peculiar to the individual and usually cannot be gotten online because it’s your story to tell.

A lot of jobseekers attribute their inability to inject achievements in their CVs to lack of “relevant” achievements. In a ‘complain-post’, a young graduate be-mourns why she can’t have achievements in his resume except the hiring managers expect him to lie.

Young friends, listen…

You don’t have to lie about achievements you do not have because you will almost always be caught and that will blow all your chances. I mean no employer wants to hire a dishonest person.

As I said, you do not have to lie. Truth is, we all have achievements in life, and whether huge or little, every achievement is valid. If you’ve ever had responsibilities, then trust me, you have achievements. Perhaps, you just do not know how to state them effectively.

The secret is in not only withdrawing passivity from your resume and replacing them with active voice, but also in stating problems faced in the past and how you solved them. By so doing, you convert responsibilities you had to great achievements. Matter of fact that is a deeper way of showcasing your achievements!

Remember the hiring manager must read your CV among that of hundreds of equally qualified applicants. Make a worthy impression!

In a nutshell, your CV should speak of how you surpassed expectations rather than how you met them in a manner that shows excellence rather than capability.

As Derek Tower succinctly puts it, “capabilities will assign you a task, but excellence will win you an award (the job)!”

Make these corrections today in your CV…or better still, get the services of CV specialists @ Therein lies the difference!

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