You should never sacrifice BREVITY when sending LinkedIn requests─1st time or ongoing─ cos people will first scroll to see how much of their time your ‘massive text’ will cost them to read! I do this myself.

So, always aim to meet the brevity criterion. e.g., the 280 Twitter stuff is a pointer to the beauty and requirement of brevity! My E-Group provided me with a template that seemed to have worked for me and it has less wording for different requests.

What to write in your connection request when you:

  1. Wish to Build Rapport
  2. Want to be Introduced to Another Person of your Interest
  3. Want to Request an Informational Interview
    • With a Cold Contact
    • With a Known Contact
  • After an Informational Interview
  • After an Industry Interview
  • With a Recruiter
  • After a Rejection
  • During Negotiations

Happy to share these templates, contact me at: ita.john@localhost

My recent experience in the UK working with students at different levels and backgrounds shows that getting a good job takes more than a well-written CV.

Therefore, I explored also what you (as a student or an unemployed) can do or should do, in a holistic way, to land prestigious and high-pay jobs you deserve.

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