We do not fully know how successful most of our endeavours would be if we were deliberate about them and this includes job search.

I know the idea is usually to apply for as many jobs as possible and see what sticks, right?

May I suggest a new approach?
Spend your time thinking about what you want out of your next career and apply for positions that will be rewarding to you.

Sending tons of applications to top-ranking companies believing you might get lucky won’t cut it, rather be intentional about creating your luck!

To be deliberate, you must embrace a few principles of Job search:

Discover yourself: Self-knowledge begins with knowing what you want and what will make you happy

Know your Value: This has to do with what you have to offer. That is, what you are bringing to the table. This is where your skills, knowledge, and sometimes experience and expertise come in. For good examples

  • Key problem
  • Key problem Part Two

Start a targeted job search: Go for sectors that require your skill set, knowledge and abilities. For a good example,

  • Jobs on high demand

Network with the right people: Networking remains the most effective strategy for getting employed. You do this by building relationships with people already in the field you are aspiring to. For good examples,

  • University Alumni
  • Add Value To Your LinkedIn Connection

Get a Career Coach!
Career coaches are expert guides in career planning, resume building, LinkedIn profile recreation for impacts, cover letter guide, salary negotiation and interviewing. While you may only search for a new gig or switch careers a handful times in your life, these professionals are up-to-date with current hiring practices because they’re continually working to help job seekers.

It’s great here on the DELIBERATE side of life.

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Comment below and let me know! I update my posts regularly, and I’d love to hear from you. I’ve had many people clear their interviews from using these principles alone, and I know that you will be able to do the same if you apply the principles I’ve shown you in this post.

Thank you!