Writing an excellent cover letter would increase by 83% the chances of the hiring manager inviting you for the interview, not minding if you had a imperfect CV.

Here’s a framework I’m suggesting for your job covering letter; followed by 11 sample cover letters you can learn from regarding style and contents.

  1. Put your correct contact information and that of the employer and date the letter. The letter should be addressed to a person (not “To Whom It May Concern” or “Dear Director”).If you can’t see anyone, use [Company] [Department] Team. E.g., The HR Team
  2. It should be straight to the point & relatively short (one page)
  3. It shouldn’t be a generic letter (i.e., the same letter to all organisations you’re applying to) – research each organisation before you apply and show keen interest that you want to develop a professional career in that role as well as your passion for the organisation. (SEE Letter No.6)
  4. Show how your background, work experiences, and skills (especially hard skills, e.g., programming, accounting, mathematical, data mining, etc.) can benefit the organisation
  5. If you are sending the covering letter as an email, use a succinct SUBJECT HEADLINE; don’t leave it blank. E.g., say in the headline: Experienced Analyst Seeking VBA Developer Role in Financial Services

Isaiah Henkel summed up, beautifully, the contents of the covering letter if sent as an email thus:

  1. Quantify results as much as possible. E.g., say, “I was also tasked with controlling costs, contributing directly to the completion of the project with a 14% cost saving”, “While working for XYX Ltd, I grew the email subscriber base by 32% in 18 months.”
  2. Don’t show desperation by saying, “I really look forward to hearing from you”. Though this shows you’re excited, it also sounds somewhat desperate. Instead, you can say, “I look forward to knowing whether I’m a match for this role.”

Let’s see how these work in the following 11 sample cover letters.

As in many things in life, the samples are imperfect, but they can help you to think through how you can start writing an interview-winning cover letter to get you your next job quicker.

  1. https://www.slideshare.net/ITAJOHN/cover-letter-for-different-job-applications
  2. Another interesting approach to cover letter which I think makes sense too by David Silverman

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