Your university alumni are like a jackpot you can benefit from in many aspects.

So, why should you be missing these benefits?

Connecting with your university alumni can create opportunities for striking business deals, getting referred for a job as well as reuniting to build rewarding social relationships (e.g., finding a marriage partner, Lol!). For most people, there seems to be some special feeling when you meet someone who graduated from where you too graduated from!

Most people know that naturally there are benefits in linking up with people they schooled together.

However, most people are unaware LinkedIn has provided a feature for this great connection and reunion. It is on

Opening this link, you’ll land on your university alumni page which LinkedIn has structured for you to be able to select to view your alumni of any year to the current year. The page shows

  1. “Where they live.”
  2. “Where they work.”
  3. “What they do.”
  4. “What they are skilled at”
  5. “How you are connected.”

You can add (more suggested cities) any city to view whether you have any alumni living or working in such a city.

When you find any alumni of your interest, I suggest you send them a personalised message, for example:

1).     Hi [Professional Name], Hope you’re doing well! Would you be so kind to accept my connection request, so I can continue to follow your activities and thoughts? I found you graduated from [school name], of which I’m also an alumnus. It would be my honour to connect to find out more about your post- [school name] experience. Thank you sincerely, [Your Name]

Next, you can appreciate them for connecting. E.g.,

1b). Hi [Professional Name], Thank you for connecting with me. I appreciate this sincerely. I’ll like to keep in touch in the coming weeks if that’s okay with you. Best wishes & take care [Your Name]

Based on their response you can then ask about more personal and professional life, for example:

1c). Hi [Professional Name], Thanks again. Awesome to connect with you! So, if I may ask and when you have 5 minutes, tell me a bit about what you do presently and YOURSELF. I’m glad to learn more about what you’re up to professionally. Best wishes & take care [Your Name]

Also, you might request for information from your alumni. For example:

2).     Hi [Professional Name], I found your profile on LinkedIn and saw that we are both alumni of [school name]. Would you be interested in sharing your thoughts on working at [company name]? I’m sure you have some great insight into the industry with your experience, and I would like to discuss it with you. Are you available for a brief call sometime next week? Let me know which day works best for you, and I’ll call you then. Thank you sincerely, [Your Name]

After this first connection, you would then be able to move things forward with further conversations.

You can also find friends whom you knew schooled in other universities. This feature is on the top right-hand side of your alumni page. Here, you’ll see

  1. Your Universities
  2. Similar Universities

You can select or add and then browse to see your old friends and reconnect with shown above (red arrow).

Final Thoughts

In today’s world where your network can determine your net worth, it is expedient to avail yourself of the opportunities that exist in connecting with your university alumni.

There are endless possibilities in connecting well with your university alumni.

In doing this, always remember to add value first before you ask for value!

I’ve shown how you can add value to your LinkedIn connections.